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Our world seems to have come to a screeching halt all around us.  But God is on the move!  Nothing can stop His plans!


The world is experiencing an enormous spiritual awakening.  All over the world, millions are looking for hope and answers.  We are seeing unprecedented numbers viewing the Story film through our app and saying YES to Jesus!


Over the Easter weekend people from 40 different countries watched The Story film and over 400 said YES to Jesus!


We are continuing our Facebook campaign to share all of the 20 languages in their home countries.  We are seeing unbelievable numbers of people watching the films within their Facebook feed as well.


You can help send the gospel around the world. Would you consider donating to this campaign?  We promise 100% of your donation goes directly to Facebook advertising in countries all over the world, including the hard hit cities of the United States with the Corona Virus.


As Tim Keller recently stated, “People will say: ‘I came to Christ during the virus.’ So it is definitely an evangelist moment.  But it’ll be here for months, not years.”


Please DONATE today so the gospel can continue go out worldwide!


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