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Year End Review 2022

Year End Review 2022

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Man on the Middle Cross

We launched our short film, The Man on the Middle Cross, right before Easter this year–and we’ve heard so many encouraging stories! One pastor told us “…I want you to know your video was a HUGE hit! …it touched so many people. Our staff said…it was the best Christian video they’ve ever seen.”

Another pastor wrote, “A fifth-grade boy told me tonight how much he liked it and an 8-year-old girl told her mom how much it moved her. One of our deacons said he had never seen so many men moved to tears.” Since its launch, the film has been viewed 379,055 times, telling all kinds of people the story of Jesus forgiving the thief on the cross, and how this forgiveness is free to all!

We have a partnership with Prison Fellowship–the largest ministry of its kind in the United States–and they have enthusiastically embraced The Man on the Middle Cross. Our MOTMC booklets are accordion fold instead of stapled to be safe to use in high-risk environments and can be used separately from the film or in tandem. In addition, they are printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other. To date, Prison Fellowship has used 10,000+ booklets!


JULY 17-23

We were very excited to get back to NYC! Our team saw sixty-nine people give their hearts to Jesus Christ. Our team was bold and full of joy. We all left encouraged and strengthened in our faith! Brooks and Kelly Smith went to New York City with Spread Truth for the first time this year and they will be the first to tell you: it changed their lives.

They had been praying for a ministry opportunity, but it seemed like quite a challenge when they seriously started considering New York. Neither of them had ever been part of street evangelism, but they said that their group leader “made [sharing the gospel] comfortably uncomfortable.” Kelly said they have made life-long friendships with others who came on the trip–the kinds of friendships that grow each other, encourage, and push forward to the Kingdom.

Brooks said, “I still text with a guy named Zaqui. We got to be part of leading him through the plan of salvation with The Story. Since then, we’ve been helping him with finding a church, telling him we’re praying for him.”

One of the most exciting outcomes of the trip happened after they returned home. Brooks was telling their 6-year-old son about people he had met in New York when he responded, “You were talking to them about Jesus!” It was the most natural thing in the world for Brooks to lead their son through a simplified version of The Story–and he received Christ!

Brooks and Kelly followed God’s leading to New York and it is no surprise that they are already planning on going back next summer and looking forward to seeing what God will do in 2023!


In a partnership between Spread Truth and the Midwest Food Bank, we have been delivering Thanksgiving food boxes and turkeys to the needy in New York City for 15+ years. Every food box contains the ingredients for a full Thanksgiving meal including the turkey. The box also contains The Story booklet in English and Spanish, The Story Maker booklet for children, and The Man on the Middle Cross booklet in English and Spanish. We are grateful for so many who come out each year to help us pack over 1,200 boxes!




The Story–a simple but effective gospel-sharing tool–is one of our favorite resources. In fact, it is central to everything that we do! We first developed it in 2014 and over the years, we have printed around 2,766,330 of these booklets for Christians to share their faith! This is the resource that was put into the hands of over 1,000 people at a recent Medical Clinic in Kenya–and 303 people received Christ!

In this last year alone, our Spread Truth Africa team has passed out 165,000 copies of The Story, and it continues to be their primary means of evangelizing. But these booklets aren’t just in use in Kenya–these booklets go out in disaster relief boxes, in food boxes and drives, and in the pockets of Christians–and that’s just in one language! Our The Story App gives the gospel in 23 languages and is used by creative-access ministries to share the truth that changes lives. It can also be used right at home to share the gospel with friends and neighbors in their mother tongues.

This year, we’ve also developed a discipleship booklet as a companion piece for those who have decided to follow Jesus called, I’m A Christian: So What Happens Next? It is designed to help new followers of Jesus take the next steps in their personal walk with Christ through Bible reading, prayer, and finding a faithful group of other believers. We continue to be amazed at how our God uses the faithfulness of His people and this resource to tell the best story.

Spread Truth Africa

We have seen God do some incredible things through Spread Truth Africa this year! In February, we were able to go to Kenya to visit the Spread Truth Africa teamand participate in some of the amazing work they are doing.

Led by Spread Truth Africa Executive Director Hamisi Kirenga, we witnessed:

  • The training of over 500 pastors with:
    • The Story evangelism tools.
    • Pastor Training Manual on Evangelism.
  • Over 370 young girls graduate from our gospel-based psycho-social training curriculum, What is a Little Girl Worth?
    • Each girl received a Dignity Pack
    • Each girl heard the gospel!

One young Muslim woman named Niki especially touched our hearts.

She is 17 years old and already has two children–but not by her choice. Cultural norms have subjected her to female genital mutilation (FGM), which is both the end of her childhood and education as well as the beginning of womanhood.

She was then married off.

This is the pattern of women in her culture for centuries. But Niki was trained in the anti-FGM curriculum and heard about Jesus who delighted to make her and loves her. She accepted Jesus as her Savior and is learning that there is hope for her future!





One of our board members, Kevan Taylor, was deeply moved by the February trip and returned with these observations:

“We have a great [Spread Truth Africa] team–I can’t say that enough. We have great materials, SpreadTruth is respected, SpreadTruth is wanted and thedoors to the country are wide open to us. Kenya is approximately the size of Texas and has around 53 million people. The amazing thing is approximately 60% of the population is under 25 years old and 75% is under 35. Therefore, our work with sports camps, FGM, schools, universities, and even food distribution is impacting a majority of the population. Since they are young it could also be transformative to the nation for many years to come…[is] SpreadTruth right into the middle of a God-ordained opportunity?”

Since February, we’ve seen God move in miraculous ways!

  • The Kenyan government has voted to officially adopt What is a Little Girl Worth?
    • The Kenyan government has voted to validate the curriculum, essentially approving it for teaching in public schools all over Kenya.

Roy Sasaka Telewa, Chief Executive Officer at National Government Affirmative Action Fund said in support of the curriculum that,

“We came to believe and understand [in] education being integral to any strategy to reduce FGM…As a result, our Kenyan government has been able to offer support through the validation process and push the Agenda of this Curriculum to not only be impacted in the 22 [FGM] hot spots (counties) in Kenya but also in Africa at large. The Validation process once completed will enable the curriculum to be adopted in schools and other private sectors.”

  • The Peace in the Valley mission took place in the war-torn Kerio Valley in Kenya in June
    • Rev. Hamisi Kirenga trained the 59 assembled pastors.
    • The team taught our anti-FGM curriculum to 244 women and girls.
    • Twelve teams participated in a peaceful soccer tournament.
    • Midwest Food Bank distributed 10 tons of food, providing 3,000 people with nutritional support.
    • Over all five days, 209 people received Christ
  • In its four years of operation, Spread Truth Africa has provided over 10 million meals!

We are so blessed to see the hard work, dedication, and spiritual fruit of the Spread Truth Africa team!


Looking Ahead to 2023

We are looking ahead and planning for the next steps God has for us! We are already planning our annual NYC trip for July 16-22, 2023. Our experience on the New Jersey side was so good in 2022 that we decided to return there for NYC23!

In February 2023, we are anticipating our annual trip to Kenya for pastoral training sessions, an FGM Survivor Psycho-Social Training graduation, and sports outreaches. We look forward to in-person fellowship with our Spread Truth Africa co-laborers, too!

We are also developing a new digital training course for those who want to grow their confidence to share the gospel in our current culture. STAY TUNED for more information in the coming months!

How You Can Get Involved

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Our year-end goal of $150,000 already has a purpose–and we know God can do above and beyond what we can imagine–or ask! Would you be a part of His work this year? We are planting and watering together, depending on God for the increase.

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