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Get Equipped

Be Ready Everywhere

Share God's Story Wherever You Are

Are you ready to share God’s Story wherever you are? Most Christians say they know God has called us to be His witnesses. Most Christians say they want to share gospel hope. But most Christians do not regularly share their faith.

Spread Truth prepares Christians just like you to make Gospel Everywhere your everyday mission. Our evangelism training and gospel-sharing tools are programs designed to make you ready for gospel conversations with anyone, anywhere

Go Tell

Hands-on gospel sharing.

Are you ready to take your Gospel sharing to a deeper level? You need Go Tell. This is our hands-on gospel-sharing training experience that prepares you for a lifetime of gospel conversations.

Go Tell
The Story Training

Know God's Story

Effective gospel conversations hinge on your ability to connect the plot line of God’s Story to the plot line of everyday life. Our evangelism training program prepares for effective, meaningful gospel conversations using The Story Training guide. You can order the guides for your church, small group or personal growth.

Check here for dates and locations for the next Story Training.We host sessions across the United States—and soon around the world.

The Story Training Visit Store

Get Encouraged

Everyday Encouragement

Daily Gospel Boost

Life can be so full that it blurs out the chances we have to share God’s Story in our everyday lives. We’ve found that having regular encouragement from like-minded Christians makes a huge difference.

Get encouraged in our Gospel Ready online community. Find support, discussion, and advice for making Gospel Everywhere your everyday mission.

Get Gospel Ready

Gospel-sharing tools.

Be ready to share God's Story with our gospel-sharing tools. Our digital and print resources are designed to help you share gospel hope.

  • Print Resources
  • Digital Resources
The Story

A 12-page, visually engaging narrative that explains the Bible’s major plotline of Creation, Fall, Rescue, and Restoration.

The Story Conversation Card

Designed to help you share an overview of The Story, using it as a visual aid or guide through the basics of the metanarrative of the Bible.

The Story ESV Bible

The Story ESV Bible by Crossway Incorporates The Story content featuring 12 engaging, full-color pages highlighting the major themes of Creation, Fall, Rescue, and Restoration.

The Story

Our gospel-sharing platform that houses digital resources for sharing The Story in film, booklet, and conversation card forms. Get a free account to track your gospel reach!

The Story App

The Story App allows you to be gospel ready wherever you are! Access all digital resources for The Story from your phone or tablet.

The Story Maker

The Story Maker is a new animated children’s film aimed at helping children understand the metanarrative of Scripture.

Get Involved

Your gifts maximize The Story’s reach, transforming lives worldwide.

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