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Go Tell Trips

Preparing Christians For


Connecting people to God’s Story is the heartbeat of everything we do at Spread Truth—because God’s Story changes everything. That’s why we invest in Christians, preparing them to make Gospel Everywhere their everyday mission.

One way we do that is through a weeklong evangelism experience. Over the past 25 years, thousands of Christians from across the country have learned how to have effective, meaningful gospel conversations through our conference. We combine evangelism training with hands-on gospel sharing and ministry opportunities.

A week of intensive training prepares Christians for a lifetime of gospel impact. And it’s all possible through the gifts of our donors.


Our 2019 trip was another great year of ministry and training in New York City! What a joy to see so many lives touched by The Story of rescue and hope in Jesus!

Our 2020 trip has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Please pray with us for the city of NY as we are not able to travel there at this unique time. We will update our future trip plans as soon as we are able!

The format


Go Tell combines evangelism training with hands-on gospel sharing for an experience that prepares Christians for a lifetime of gospel impact. Here’s how it works:

Attendees select one of three ministry tracks during registration. This choice will determine your schedule for the week. You can minister throughout the city to adults and children (Streets & Parks) or at camps for children and teens (Above the Rim basketball or One Touch soccer).

Streets & Parks

Share the gospel in parks and prayer stations using a variety of conversation starter techniques.

Above the Rim

Teach fundamental basketball skills to boys and girls ages 5 to 16 while sharing the gospel.

One Touch Soccer

Teach fundamental soccer skills to boys and girls ages 5 to 16 while sharing the gospel.

Raise Funds For Gospel Impact

Maximize the reach of God’s Story through Spread Truth’s Go Tell program! Raise funds to support the gospel outreach of the Go Tell experience using our fundraising tools. Minimum goals cover the costs of participating in the program, but the more money you raise, the further The Story’s reach! You can maximize your gospel impact through Spread Truth with an above and beyond goal.

Get Trained & Ready

We provide evangelism training and coaching before, during, and after you attend. Using our newest guide, The Story Training, you will learn the main plot lines of God’s Story so that you have the building blocks for any gospel conversation. We provide resources and helps throughout the whole experience so you are prepared and ready to share God’s Story wherever you go.

The Experience

Wherever your Go Tell trip is located, we help you get there and get acclimated. We can arrange your travel and help you get your bearings in a new city. And our experienced leaders get your team to your ministry locations and back again.


Your gifts maximize The Story’s reach, transforming lives worldwide.

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