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Gospel-Sharing Tools

Effective Tools For

Maximum Impact

People everywhere are disconnected from God and need to know the beauty of His rescue in Jesus. And that’s why Christians everywhere need to be equipped and prepared to effectively share God’s Story.

Our gospel-sharing tools and resources are designed to help Christians connect with people who long to connect with God. Through the support of our donors, life-changing conversations are being cultivated via film, print, and digital resources.


Life's Questions

After years of gospel ministry and training we’ve found that every heart is searching for answers that explain how the world began, what went wrong, if hope can be found, and what the future might hold.

Only God’s Story provides the most beautiful, cohesive answers to the questions echoing in every heart.

Our Mission

Everything we do at Spread Truth centers around the metanarrative—the overarching Story of God’s Word. God’s Word gives context for the questions we all have about life and the questions we wrestle with. When our own stories are viewed in light of God’s Story, it changes everything.


The Story is our solution for helping Christians share God’s Story with anyone, anywhere.
It follows the four basic plot points of the Bible—Creation, Fall, Rescue, and Restoration—helping people grasp how God’s Story helps us make sense of our own. And through The Story Maker, we are also equipping children to know and share God’s Story.

For Greater Gospel Focus

After years of gospel outreach and training, we wanted to help Christians maintain a gospel focus to cultivate more gospel conversations in everyday life. That’s why we created TheStoryFilm.com. It’s our web platform and delivery system to share the gospel and track metrics of The Story worldwide. Here’s how it works:

Gather Others

Our platform also offers group metrics to track the collective gospel impact for your church, small group, missions team, or ministry.

The group feature connects individual accounts to show sharing results as a whole. Groups can be any size, and you can join multiple groups. View your global reach with real-time stats online and through HDTV-ready dashboards that show metrics. Request free access to HDTV-ready dashboards with beautiful metrics of your group's gospel reach.

Get Involved

You can change the spiritual landscape by making God’s Story known. Connect people to each other and to God with your gift through Spread Truth today.

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