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Be an Innovator

Maximize The Story's Reach Worldwide

Imagine Christians of all ages being prepared and confident to share God’s Story, able to connect anyone and everyone to God’s rescue in Jesus. Imagine God’s Story in every language, reaching people in every country, connecting them to the One Story that changes everything.

Be on mission with us!

This is our Gospel Everywhere vision, one that’s made possible by Christians just like you who partner through Spread Truth to maximize the reach of the gospel around the world.

You can maximize your own gospel reach by joining our Innovators team with a monthly gift of $25 or more. Your consistent, regular giving provides a steady source of funding so that we can make God’s Story known.
As a member of our Innovators team, you are making Gospel Everywhere a reality.

Team Power!

Innovators make Gospel Everywhere a reality by supporting our missional programming that reaches people with the gospel 24/7.
Your support is the power behind our evangelism training and digital gospel-sharing tools.
Innovators play a crucial role in our mission!

The Heart of

An Innovator

Our Innovators are just like you—they want to see God’s Story reach people around the world, because God’s Story changes everything.

Here are a few reason why donors just like you joined the team:

“I’m giving monthly through Spread Truth because it’s an investment where I’ll see the impact.”

“Being an Innovator brings me in as a monthly partner and allows me to be part of something big.”

“My monthly Innovators partnership with Spread Truth reaches non-Christians in a new way.”


You can change the spiritual landscape by making God’s Story known as an Innovator.

Join the Innovators Team