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The Crisis

The Problem

The world is disconnected from God.

Yet Christians don’t know how to connect people with Him.

Our society is more disconnected than ever, due to overwhelming busyness and the invasiveness of technology, resulting in greater levels of depression, isolation, anxiety, and hopelessness. People are desperate for hope.

True hope can be found only in God’s Story of rescue in Jesus Christ—the very Story that Christians are called to proclaim. But in our ever-changing spiritual landscape, Christians have no idea how to initiate the faith conversations that would connect people to Jesus.

This disconnect—between Christians and non-Christians, between non-Christians and God—will grow and become the discouraging norm around the world, resulting in greater isolation, fragmentation, and hopelessness.

Factors contributing to the crisis:

01We are disconnected with each other due to:
  • Over-use & invasiveness of technology
  • A polarization of differing beliefs
  • Busy lives with little room for deep conversation
  • Isolation from one another
  • Depression and anxiety about life
  • Hopelessness for society
02We live in an ever-changing spiritual landscape, resulting in Christians who have:
  • A lack of understanding in differing beliefs
  • No idea how to initiate conversations about faith
  • A fear of polarizing topics


of all adults claim no religious affliation


of all Millennials claim no religious affliation


decline in empathy among college students over the past 30 years


the increase since 1985 in the number of adults with no close friends

Case Study: The Nones

Unbelief is Growing

Research shows that people who identify as religiously unaffiliated now account for more than one-fifth of the U.S. population. With so more and more people leaning toward unbelief, Christians need to reassess their current approaches to evangelism. What worked in the past is not working today. Read more about our approach for reaching this generation with the beauty of God’s Story.

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