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Critical Food Distribution in Drought Stricken Kenya

Year Long Drought

In a remote northern area of Kenya rain has not fallen in over a year.  Crops have long since died off, along with the livestock that depended on them for food.  By the time the plight of this nomadic, tribal area in Kenya had reached mainstream media, many had already lost their lives to starvation.

Our new team in Nairobi quickly began working with the East Africa Food Bank, a subsidiary of the Midwest Food Bank, to coordinate food distribution.  They were able to provide 25 tons of food, but we still needed a way to transport the donation into a very remote and sometimes dangerous area of Kenya. God immediately met that need by providing a Muslim businessman from Eastleigh, a Somali Muslim area of Nairobi, who offered the use of two of his own trucks to transport the food.



The caravan would require a police escort for the 600 miles to this remote area, where there are no roads or infrastructure. The partnership between Muslims and Christians could only have been orchestrated by God alone!




Our ambassadors for Spread Truth and the East Africa Food Bank flew in on a small airplane and were dressed in appropriate attire for this deeply Muslim area of Kenya.










A delegate of Parliament, the Honorable Ahmed Ibrahim(left) for Wajir North was one of many who made the trip.  He was so thankful for his people to receive this urgently needed donation.






The trucks were filled to capacity with life saving food. The 25 tons of food will feed 10,000 people for approximately 30 days. Crowds of people were on-hand to greet the truck upon its arrival.



To our knowledge, no Christians or missionaries have ever been to this area to minister.  There are no churches here. We are so thankful that we were able to break a barrier and establish connection into this heavily Muslim area. We will be making subsequent trips into this region and we know that God is going to continue to provide the opportunity of sharing the good news of Jesus. We are already taking hold of more opportunities to share God’s story in Kenya.

The Power of Your Gift

This amazing outreach was made possible by you!  Because you continue to give so generously to Spread Truth, we were able to quickly mobilize this massive operation.  Your continued support of our ministry has provided not only life saving food, but the sharing of the gospel to this hard-to-reach people group. To God be the glory!

We want to continue to be ready to provide, minister and witness in Kenya at a moments notice.  The doors of opportunity in this region have been flung open and we are ready to share God’s Story with this nation, this continent. Will you make an investment that will allow us to influence this nation for Christ?    An investment now will change countless lives for eternity!





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