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Learn How to be Confident in Sharing the Gospel

Many Christians face challenges when it comes to sharing their faith. However, at Spread Truth, we equip believers like you with the necessary resources, training, and opportunities needed to share Christ with confidence.

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Jerry Teaching Online Course

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Are you ready to transform your approach to evangelism? Take our free quiz, Discover Your Evangelism Readiness, to gain personalized insights about how you engage in evangelism and steps you can take to grow!


We Understand Your Struggles

Sharing your faith can often feel overwhelming and intimidating. However, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve developed straightforward techniques to increase your confidence in sharing your faith anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

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Explore Our Resources

Highly practical print and media resources to share the gospel with anyone, anywhere

Empower Yourself Through Training

In-person and online training to help you tell God’s big story with confidence

Engage in Missional Opportunities

Missional opportunities to practice what you’ve learned in a hands-on environment



Jerry Teaching Online Course

Elevate Your Evangelism Game

Get ready for our groundbreaking digital course, “Engaging the Public Square with a Better Story.” This comprehensive program offers seven modules, each filled with 2-3 captivating lessons. Furthermore, you’ll gain access to extra downloadable resources and exclusive interviews with influential thought leaders. All of this is designed to empower you to overcome the challenges of sharing the gospel in today’s post-Christian world.

Launching in early 2024. Join our waitlist now!


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Explore three of our best-selling products in our store. These transformational resources can amplify The Story’s impact worldwide.

Support Our Mission

You have the power to transform lives globally by expanding The Story’s reach through Spread Truth. Furthermore, our organization relies on generous donors like you to continue our vital work.

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Unlock Effortless Evangelism

Most people shy away from spiritual conversations due to feeling unprepared. With The Story app, you’ll always be equipped with an effective and user-friendly tool for sharing the gospel. And the best part? It’s completely FREE!

Download our FREE app and start sharing the gospel today!

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