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Your Gospel Reach

God’s Story transforms lives. You can connect people to gospel hope by partnering with Spread Truth to get The Story near, far, and everywhere. Make God’s rescue in Jesus known around the world and see lives transformed by the one story that changes everything.


Gospel Hope Abound

God’s Story changes everything. Maximize your gospel reach by raising funds for sending gospel hope to everyone, everywhere. Learn how:

Get Started Today:
  • Set your fundraiser details
  • Determine how you will collect donations
  • Announce, promote, & ask
  • Have fun doing what you love!
  • Turn in your funds
  • Make God’s Story known!
Create a Fundraiser

Whatever your age or skill or interest, you can create a fundraiser to make God’s Story known and see lives transformed.
You can make gospel hope abound by designing a fundraiser for just about anything. Run a race or ride a bike or swim laps. Sell cookies. Dedicate proceeds from your book or music or art. Whatever you love to do, you can use it to rally support that will change lives through Spread Truth.

Get Started Today

Give Your Birthday via Facebook

Make your birthday even more memorable by dedicating it to spreading gospel hope! Ask your family and friends to donate what they would have spent on your gift to your birthday fundraiser hosted through Facebook.

  • Set your fundraiser details
  • Use Facebook's fundraising
  • Change lives with the gospel

Host An Event

Invite your family and friends over for a dessert, a dinner, a bonfire, a movie night—just about any social gathering can be a fundraiser to make God’s Story known!

Get Started Today:
  1. Organize your event
  2. Invite your guests
  3. Have a great time!
  4. Turn in your funds
  5. Spread gospel hope

Adopt A Project

Our mission is to reach as many people as possible with the life-changing gospel of Jesus. Your group can help by adopting a project that support our missional programs!

Get Started Today!
  • Review current projects
  • Let us know which project you've selected
  • Organize your fundraiser
  • Turn in your funds
  • Change lives with the gospel

Schools, churches, small groups, businesses, book clubs, youth groups, neighbors, co-workers—whatever group you are in, you can make a greater difference by working together so gospel hope abounds.

Get Involved

You can change the spiritual landscape by making God’s Story known. Connect people to each other and to God with your gift through Spread Truth today.

Give A Gift