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Spread Truth Africa

Spread Truth Africa is in partnership with the Kenyan government to raise the moral standards among the youth through the gospel.


How Did Spread Truth Africa Begin?

In 2017, Rev. Hamisi Kirenga participated in our Thanksgiving NYC trip with a long-time Spread Truth supporter. What he saw resonated with him; he already had a deep burden for hands-on evangelism in his ministry in Kenya. Rev. Kirenga attended our NYC trip the following summer and pursued a partnership with Spread Truth. In 2018, he joined our staff from his home in Kenya as Director of Spread Truth Africa.

Sharing The Gospel With A Kenyan Tribe

Our Kenyan Staff

Spread Truth Africa now has four other staff members: Kenneth Brian Odipo, Program Director; Vanessa Dorcas, Women’s Ministry Director; Peter Kimani, Media and Resources Director; and Catherine Phoro, Communications and Teaching. These four staff members accomplish an incredible amount of work through four significant ministry emphases.

Kenyan Staff

Sports Outreaches

We host large sport events
with the youth to be able to
share the gospel.

Food Delivery

We have delivered over 730 tons of food through a partnership with Midwest Food Bank.

FGM Initiative

A holistic ministry to reach
young girls and women who
have experienced female
genital mutilation.

Pastoral Training

We have been training pastors since May 2019. To date, over 900 pastors have attended these free classes.

Sports Outreaches

Our partnership with the Kenyan government began with the very first Sportsfest in 2018 which culminated in the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in September 2019. Since then, our sports outreaches have been well-attended and effective!

Spread Truth Africa hosts sports outreaches at least three times yearly, holding basketball, soccer, and volleyball tournaments. Awards ceremonies are held at the end to celebrate the teams and their effort! While the sporting events may take center stage, we do so much more at these events! We also hold youth clinics, and have time set aside for clear evangelism, Kikao, and kitting. The young people who attend are usually between 18 and 30 years old.

Our team splits up into groups to handle media, evangelism, administration, and volunteers, as well as operations/programs coordination. During each event, we deploy volunteers to share the gospel with The Story booklets, bracelets, and soccer balls, and to share our discipleship booklet with new believers.

Spread Truth Kenya Soccer Team In Victory
Kenyans Receiving Food And Receiving Christ

Food Delivery

The food we deliver has a long shelf-life, consisting of fortified oatmeal and rice, cowpeas, and soya beans, and has a 34% protein content. And we provide food for souls–the gospel–right along with it through The Story booklets. We deliver to drought and famine-stricken areas, to lactating mothers, to widows’ outreaches, to communities with terminally ill, and for government relief. Sometimes we have volunteers from our networks in the area in question; sometimes we have help from government agencies; sometimes it’s just our team making the deliveries.

We deliver food alongside the government when we work with the National Youth Council and the Ministry of Public Service, Gender, Senior Citizens Affairs, and Special Programmes. We also do work with county governments.

FGM Initiative

This initiative is a holistic ministry. It includes a gospel-based, psycho-social curriculum, What is a Little Girl Worth? that has been presented in schools and rescue centers since the summer of 2021. So far, the curriculum has been used to train a total of 774 young girls and women. 530 in Kajiado  County and 244 in Kerio Valley. We have now reached 3 counties out of the 22 counties we look to reach with the curriculum in the fight against FGM in Kenya.

This fight against FGM didn’t begin with our ministry, though. It began during a church plant Mission, in a small village in Kajiado County called Nemayiana,  when a young girl named Nadupoi approached one of our staff and asked if we were helping girls who were undergoing FGM. This took us aback since we had not encountered FGM before except from media platforms.

This led to us taking the initiative to investigate the matter and we realized that FGM was still quite a big deal among the Maasai community including church-going Christians. We felt inclined to find a Godly way to intervene in trying to solve the societal menace that was slowly eating away at these Maasai girls.

That is when we involved the Spread Truth US team and as God led, the idea of an FGM Survivor  Curriculum was birthed to try to help in the healing process of the affected girls. The African team conducted extensive field research on the topic while the US team worked on the editorial piece.

By the grace of God and teamwork from both the US and the African team, the first ever in Kenya,  FGM Survivor Curriculum “What is A Little Girl Worth” was launched. The Curriculum was vetted and endorsed by the Kenya Anti-FGM Board, to be used for teaching and training young girls in the 22 counties prone to FGM.

Now, we have two teachers. Ms. Vanessa Dorcas, head of administration and women affairs and in charge of the FGM Program. Phoro Catherine, head of communications and advocacy, who plays a supportive role in teaching, assists her.

Kenyan Women With Spread Truth Curriculum
Pastoral Training Of Kenyan Nationals Using Spread Truth Curriculum

Pastoral Training

We have been training pastors since May 2019. To date, over 900 pastors have attended these free classes.

Taught by our Director Hamisi Kirenga and held in churches where we have established relationships, these pieces of training usually last 2-3 days. We use the evangelism and hermeneutics study material developed by Spread Truth. We also train our pastors to use The Story evangelism tools.



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Food Distribution
food supplies stacked and ready for distribution
Spread Truth soccer team
Spread Truth Curriculum
Kenyan children with gifted toys and Story Maker booklets
Rev. Kirenga praying for Kenya

You can transform lives around the world by maximizing The Story’s reach through Spread Truth.

Spread Truth is completely donor based. It is through your faithful giving that we are able to do this work everyday.

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