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Evangelism Training

Leader-guided and online training to help you tell God’s Big Story with confidence. You can join the waitlist for our new digital course today!


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Gospel training is for everyone.

No matter the age, everyone, everywhere needs to hear about God’s love and mercy found in Jesus. That’s why Spread Truth equips the young and the young-at-heart to share God’s Story.


Explore our Evangelism Training Options


Engaging the Public Square with a Better Story

This course equips Christians with practical skills to address today’s cultural complexities, including engaging in political discussions and sensitive topics like transgenderism, racism, and homosexuality. It’s ideal for those seeking to contextualize the gospel across diverse worldviews.

What's Included

This robust training includes 7 modules, each containing 2-3 lessons, downloadable extra resources, exclusive interviews with influential thinkers, and a live community aspect with several Q&A’s throughout the course.

Format and Duration Details

Participants will gain access to one module per week over 7 weeks, with each module requiring a couple of hours to complete. Launching in early 2024, this course offers a timely and insightful approach to evangelism in our ever-evolving cultural landscape.

Sign up for our waitlist to secure your spot and join us on a transformative journey of engaging people with the gospel in the public square with confidence!

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Sharing The Story


The Story Training

The Story Training provides an overview of God’s Story of redemption. It covers the narrative of the Bible in 4 key overarching sections that make it easy to understand the meta-narrative of the Bible and how to share it easily with others! It is designed to teach Christians to know, live, and share the beauty of God’s story with confidence! 

Who It's For

Christians with a desire to share Christ… whether you’re an individual looking to do this on your own, or you’re in a group and looking for something to teach or learn in your group, this training would be ideal!

Format and Duration Details

This 36-page training guide with leader notes brings biblical theology into everyday practice and guides you through leading a group with The Story Training. It’s self-paced… meaning that the time it takes to go through it depends on you and your schedule! That said, you could work through the material in 2-3 hours.


The Story Maker Training

Understanding God’s greater story of redemption is essential for children to grasp the love of God. This training equips adults to help children understand the Big Story and how to share it with others!

Who It's For

Anyone who interacts with kids, either individually or in a group, and wants to help them understand the gospel message!

Format and Duration Details

This includes a 34-page training guide, and access to our Story Maker training website with additional resources, crafts, videos, and more!

It has 4 sections broken down into 12 lessons that you could work through based on age and availability. 

The age recommendation for the kids you’ll be teaching with this curriculum: Ages 5-10

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You can transform lives around the world by maximizing The Story’s reach through Spread Truth.

Spread Truth is completely donor based. It is through your faithful giving that we are able to do this work everyday.

How do you share your faith in everyday moments?
Is there a better way?

Most people avoid spiritual conversations due to feeling ill-equipped or ill-prepared. With The Story app, you are always armed with an effective and easy way to share the gospel. Oh and did we mention it’s completely FREE?

Download our FREE app and start sharing the gospel in minutes!

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