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Peoria Rescue Ministries Draws Millennials with God’s Story

For sixty years, Peoria Rescue Ministries (PRM) has brought hope and help to people in central Illinois. They stand in the gap for people in need, providing food, shelter, recovery programs and counseling, a thrift store, and women’s health and pregnancy services. In everything, they point people to the hope found only in the Gospel of Jesus.

According to Julie Philyaw, director of PRM’s Women’s Pregnancy Center, it is a priority to share the Gospel with the women they serve. And because most clients who visit the center are Millennials, the staff knows it is crucial to meet them right where they are and relate to them in relevant ways. Philyaw stresses their gratitude for the way Spread Truth has come alongside with free Gospel-sharing solutions and tools, which present God’s Story in a winsome ways:

“Even the name, The Story, makes it very easy to share the Gospel. This particular generation is very interested in people’s stories. Clients are open to the app because most of their communicating is electronic. And having the booklet allows us to give the client something to take home.”

Because of our donors, Gospel-sharing solutions and tools are provided free to ministries just like PRM’s Women’s Pregnancy Center. Gifts of support cover our very real costs associated with creating and deploying the Gospel around the world. Our free access model multiplies the Gospel reach of individuals, churches, and ministries, and many people are hearing of God’s rescue.

We are grateful for all who give and are making the beauty of the Gospel known in central Illinois and around the world! And we are excited to help PRM’s Women’s Pregnancy Center reach young people with God’s Story.

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