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What is The Hive Initiative?

What is the Hive Initiative and FGM…

In a colony of bees, everyone is working for the sake of the queen.

Sacrifices are made on her behalf and resources are stocked for her benefit. When we think of the precious children in Kenya who are at the center of our ministry to the FGM culture, we think of them as Queens, royalty in the family of God—and they need someone to work on their behalf.

Dorcas’ father was struggling to support his family. If he could marry off his daughter Dorcas—who was about 7 years old—he might receive a goat or cow in exchange. Dorcas’ education would end. If losing her education weren’t bad enough, she would be a forced child bride and would also have to undergo Female Genital Mutilation before the marriage. With the help of her mother and some friends, she found her way to AIC—African Inland Church rescue center.

Today, Dorcas has the chance to finish her education, hear the Gospel, and dream of a better future.

Christian Kenyan women from the local church that are connected with our Spread Truth office in Kenya will be essential to reaching girls like Dorcas, and the key to helping them understand their position before God. The Hive Initiative is our desire is to put resources into the hands of women to help counsel and teach the children survivors of FGM-Female Genital Mutilation.

We hope to reach over 1,000 girls in the coming year, to give them physical hope, and to share the hope they can have in Christ!

But we can’t do that without support—without you.

Men and women in churches all over the U.S. can support these beautiful children like a colony of bees supports the queen—a Hive.



Each girl will be provided with a backpack that includes items that meet their hygienic needs: flip flops, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, underwear, and sanitary napkins (a year’s supply). Each backpack will also include items that meet their heart needs: a Bible, a The Story booklet, and a Bible-based curriculum to help them take steps toward healing.

Through our partnership with the East Africa Division of the Midwest Food Bank, each rescue center will be supplied a year’s worth of food for the children. Of course, lasting change can only happen as people begin to understand how they are made in the image of God and how powerful this God truly is.

Supporting the children will help each one of them realize their identity as royalty in the family of God – Queens crowned in the image of God. The change will not come from outsiders; change will come from the Word of God working powerfully from within.

Will you help initiate this change in a child’s life?

It is impossible to say what immense grace this could be to just one girl—both in her life right now and for her eternity! We need you to pray with us as we look for those who are willing to give! Would YOU be willing to give and invest in the lives of Dorcas and other children like her?

You can invest RIGHT NOW and join The Hive – a community with one purpose – support the Queens!

Give TODAY and become a part of the story of a Kenyan child’s life.

I want to…

Learn what FGM is 
Learn more about why FGM needs to STOP

Some sweet girls from the rescue center after receiving their Dignity Packs



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