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Awana Lifeline Partnership Makes God’s Story Available to Inmates

It’s only been six months since we released our latest Gospel-sharing tool, The Story Short Film. Response from individuals, churches, and ministries has been overwhelmingly positive. Views are being logged from around the world via our free Web and app access made possible by donors like you.

Technology allows us to get God’s Story both near and far, but we recently learned of a limitation: Inmates in U.S. prisons do not have tech access. And since The Story Short Film was designed for viewing online or by download, inmates are missing out on this powerful Gospel presentation. That’s why Awana Lifeline contacted us about a special partnership that would make God’s Story available among men and women who desperately need hope.

Jeff Steele, Awana Lifeline’s LA County director, requested a DVD version of the film, which is not restricted inside jails and prisons. And thanks to donor support, Awana Lifeline teams are now equipped with The Story Short Film! Steele explains:

“We were able to use The Story to help our team inside the prison think through and develop their own presentation of the Gospel to the men around them using The Story Short Film. I look forward to using this in all 30 groups inside LA County jails and taking it to prisons across the country that we are involved with.”

The special DVD created for Awana Lifeline includes the film and is followed by a slideshow version of The Story Conversation Tool to facilitate discussion. We are excited to see God bring rescue and hope to inmates across the country through this partnership!

This is just another example of how donor giving makes it possible for God’s Story to go further. Thanks to your gifts, the Gospel Everywhere vision is expanding and many lives are being changed. Pray with us for God’s rescue and hope to reach inmates as they see the film and interact with ministers of the Gospel.

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