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NYC Mission Trip

Connecting people to God’s Story is the heartbeat of everything we do at Spread Truth. Furthermore, God’s Story changes everything. Therefore, we invest in Christians, preparing them to make ‘Gospel Everywhere’ their everyday mission.


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New York City

Join us for a life-changing adventure that combines faith, compassion, and the vibrant energy of the Big Apple!

Moreover, discover the power of hands-on gospel outreach through our immersive one-week mission experience, energized by Spread Truth’s innovative training and resources.

Experience the fulfillment of ministering to people from diverse backgrounds, guided by seasoned evangelists who ensure your safety and success in the city.

Lastly, leave with renewed passion, equipped by four encounters reshaping your evangelism perspective. Don’t miss this chance to impact and grow in faith!

Sharing The Story In NYC


NYC Trip Experiences

Evangelistic Prayer

Evangelistic Prayer

New Yorkers often share fears and struggles, accepting our prayers. This leads to conversations about their challenges and finding hope!

The Story Wall

The Story Wall

People everywhere want to be known. Parkgoers of NYC will come to the wall to share their stories. In turn, we share our personal stories of God’s promises.

Worldview Surveys

Worldview Surveys

Asking simple “big picture” questions generates great conversations that lead to discussion about present trials and future hope.

Food Distribution

Food Distribution

Serving at 9 Million Reasons, NYC’s largest food pantry, allows us to provide a tangible example of God’s love to many New Yorkers in need.



Prayer Station
Food Distribution
Story Wall Full


NYC Trip Pricing

Regular Price


Pricing available

Jan 1 – May 31

Early Bird Price


Pricing available

December 1 – December 31

* Cost based on double occupancy; does not include travel

Late Price


Pricing available

Jan 1 – May 31


NYC Trip Details


Experience Comfort and Convenience at the Brooklyn Marriott. As part of your mission journey, your comfort matters to us. That’s why we’ve secured double occupancy accommodations at the conveniently located Brooklyn Marriott, just steps away from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Not only will you enjoy a restful night’s sleep, but you’ll also have effortless access to the rich tapestry of cultural adventures that New York City has in store for you.”


While our trip cost doesn’t include meals, we’ve got you covered with restaurant recommendations! We’ve curated a list of fantastic local restaurants and eateries in the area to ensure you have a great dining experience during your stay.

Travel and Transportation

Most teams will fly into Newark Airport and then arrange for an Uber to the hotel. While driving is an option, please note that the hotel charges separately for parking. Throughout the week, we will provide all the necessary passes for bus, ferry, and metro transportation, making your travel convenient and stress-free!

Health and Safety

We prioritize the safety of our participants through careful planning, group travel, avoiding areas with recent safety concerns, and minimizing risks. We have been going to New York for almost 3 decades and are confident in the safety of your experience! 

Registration and Payment

As mentioned earlier, we offer different pricing options based on when you sign up, so be sure to take advantage of our early bird discount!

  • $150 Deposit: A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot, and it will be applied toward the total trip cost.
  • 50% Payment: Payment details will be provided on a specified date.
  • 100% Payment Deadline: Please note that the full payment must be made by June 14th to secure your spot. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
Prayer Station
Food Distribution
Story Wall Full



Are there any payment plans to pay off my final balance?

Certainly. Spread Truth has approved content that is designed for third-party use. Moreover, you can email [email protected] to request it and learn about our guidelines.

How can I make sure I am safe while in NYC?

  1. Always stay with another team member inside the hotel.
  2. Don’t travel alone outside the hotel; be with your Cord or church group, a fellow team member, or 3-4 ladies per group.
  3. Groups of 18–20-year-olds should have at least 3 members when leaving the hotel; they can’t escort those under 18.
  4. Carry limited cash.
  5. Stick with your Cord Leader and fellow Cord members during ministry track travel.
  6. Follow your Cord Leader’s subway instructions.
  7. Don’t stand at the subway platform edge.
  8. Move swiftly when entering or exiting subway cars.
  9. If left on the subway, proceed to the next stop, then return to the platform front.
  10. Always be on time – your Cord depends on it!
  11. Seek opportunities to share your faith with someone of the same gender.

Are there any age restrictions for the trip?

There are no age restrictions for our mission trips. Furthermore, we have had attendees as young as 6 years old and as “young” as 88 years old. However, we do request that a parent or grandparent accompany children under the age of 13. Additionally, older attendees or those with physical limitations can request a slower-paced cord group.


Let's Go to NYC!

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