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Bible Giveaway Equips Christians & Maximizes the Gospel’s Reach

What happens when you commit to giving away a Bible? Two years ago, attendees of The Gospel Coalition (TGC) conference were challenged to find out.

Through the generosity of our donors, Spread Truth was able to distribute 3,000 copies of The Story ESV Bible to TGC attendees at no charge. Because this Bible was designed to help people grasp God’s whole story of redemption through Jesus, we encouraged the recipients to begin praying for the person who should receive their copy—someone who needed a clear presentation of the Gospel from creation to fall to rescue to restoration.

Lindsey was at the conference in 2013, and she took up the challenge. When she got home, she placed the Bible on her shelf, holding onto it until the right opportunity presented itself.

In January of this year, Lindsey discovered whose Bible she had been holding onto: It was for a neighbor from Pakistan. As they got to know each other, their friendship grew. After several discussions about faith, Lindsey offered her the Bible she had received so many months before. The gift was readily accepted, and the woman has been excitedly reading and asking questions. She mentioned to Lindsey how much she was enjoying not only by the Bible’s design, but also how the “simple book” made the story of Jesus so easy to understand.

What a glorious report! We were encouraged to hear of Lindsey’s faithful witness and how the beauty of God’s story is at work in her friend’s life. Such Gospel conversations are happening because of you, our faithful donors who are on mission to get the Gospel to everyone, everywhere through Spread Truth. It is exciting to see God reach the world through people like Lindsey who are ready and equipped to share the beauty of the Gospel.

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