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Equipping the Church for Cross-Cultural Missions

// GOSPEL EVERYWHERE Taylors, South Carolina

In years’ past, most people in the United States had a working knowledge of biblical principles. The common knowledge made sharing God’s Story a bit easier for Christians. But the spiritual landscape has now changed, and fewer people have a basic understanding of God, Jesus, sin, or the Bible.

The knowledge gap makes your investment through Spread Truth even more crucial. You are equipping Christians to share the fullness of God’s Story in creative and innovative ways. And we want you to know how accessibility to our Gospel-sharing tools and resources are making a difference for the missions internship program at North Hills Community Church in Taylors, South Carolina.

Jonathan Stanley, director of missions implementation for North Hills, explains:

“We teach The Story as a portion of the overall training for our program. We believe that understanding the metanarrative is crucial for cross-cultural missions, as well as—and in an increasing way—in the United States where a biblical worldview is no longer the norm for our population. Showing The Story Short Film over and over in this program helps cement in their minds the complete message of the Gospel.”

Participants in the program will minister in Slovenia, China, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Salt Lake City, Utah. Because you give, the mission interns at North Hills will be able to effectively share the Gospel within cultures vastly different from ours.

Thank you for giving so Gospel tools and solutions can be created and deployed through Spread Truth to equip Christians for cross-cultural engagement. Together, we are making Gospel Everywhere a reality.

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