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First Film Translations Now Complete!

Releasing The Story Short Film last summer was extremely exciting! But that release was just the start.

Spread Truth has always valued translating The Story, as the Gospel is most powerfully understood when communicated in a person’s heart language. Upon completing the film version of The Story, our intent was to translate it into as many languages as possible to reach as many people possible.

And with a providential introduction to Trans World Radio, our translation efforts have been exponentially accelerated. TWR’s expert, in-country language teams and production-level recording skills allowed our first round of languages to be completed in a matter of months!

It is now possible to view The Story Short Film in Arabic, English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili.

Here’s how the process works. After receiving each audio file from TWR, our team begins customizing the film for that language’s version. For the Arabic version, the scenes containing the scroll and the page turns were edited to unfurl or turn from right to left. For the Russian version, the city scene was redesigned with domed buildings. For the Swahili version, an additional layer was added to the score to give the music an African flair. Edits like these ensure the film echoes cultural norms, enhancing engagement and comprehension for viewers.

People around the world will hear God’s Story in their heart language because of friends like you who give to make translations possible. We are so grateful for your gifts that enable us to deploy captivating solutions and tools that will change many lives. Please consider partnering with us by sharing these translations of God’s Story and by supporting the second round of languages in process with TWR. Thank you!

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