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Five People Amazed at the Gospel

When was the last time you experienced something amazing? Maybe you witnessed a random act of kindness. Maybe you saw creation’s beauty in a sunset or a snowflake or a mountain range. Maybe you heard music that spoke to the depths of your soul.

Whatever that amazing thing may have been, it’s likely you couldn’t keep it to yourself. Amazement prompts us to draw others to the enjoyment we are experiencing.

Our amazement with the Gospel is like this. The more amazed we are with God’s redemptive love found in Christ Jesus, the more we draw others to experience it with us. When we know God’s story intimately, we live it out and can’t help but share it with everyone, everywhere.

That’s why Spread Truth is on mission to spread the amazing beauty of the Gospel by equipping Christians to share The Story. In this video, you’ll hear from five people who have been equipped through Spread Truth and are utterly amazed at the story of rescue and restoration found in Jesus.

Their passion and enthusiasm flow from one thing: awe. They are in awe of God’s redemption for themselves and long to draw others to that same place. Amazement is key to sharing God’s story, says Eric Geiger in Outreach Magazine:

“Quite simply, we can’t help but spread news that we find amazing. . . . According to the research, if I am not sharing the gospel, it is because I have lost my sense of awe and appreciation for it.”

If your amazement of the Gospel needs a boost, Spread Truth is here to help. Together, let’s tell the world about the amazing love God has for us.

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