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Getting the Gospel into Tough-to-Reach Places

Internet access has made it easier than ever to spread the hope of rescue in Jesus. Web sites, apps, media—these are amazing tools for making God’s Story known to everyone, everywhere!

There are many places, however, where Internet access alone isn’t the solution. Signals can be unreliable in places where technology and electricity lags. Usage in closed countries is monitored, making it dangerous for people to learn about Christianity.

Missionaries are now turning to alternative tech solutions to make Gospel access easier in such places. For example, Renew World Outreach provides The LightStream, “a portable media distribution system that allows users to create a full featured ‘digital library’ from which Gospel media can be shared on mobile devices in an off-the-grid environment without depending on access to Internet or electricity.” Here’s how it works:

The LightStream is yet another way that our Gospel-sharing tools and solutions could be distributed worldwide, affirming our vision for flooding the digital space with captivating Gospel media. Our hope is that The Story will be one of the resources used by ministries like Renew World Outreach.

Your financial support is key for expanding our strategic partnerships so the reach of the Gospel is maximized. Providing free access to God’s Story is foundational to our create and deploy strategy, but it isn’t free of cost.

To maximize the reach of the Gospel, we must secure delivery through on-the-ground partners around the world. Your gifts allow God’s Story to reach “every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” (Revelation 7:9, ESV). Will you partner with us today for God’s praise?

Multiply Your Gospel Reach!

Image: Renew World Outreach

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