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Gospel Conversations Made Easy

Having a Gospel conversation is both thrilling and nerve-racking. It’s easy to get sidetracked from the bigger picture, leaving you to wonder if what you said made any sense. Such worries can keep even the boldest among us from regularly sharing about rescue in Jesus.

Because Spread Truth is on mission to expand the Gospel reach of every individual, church, and organization, we want you to be ready any time, anywhere to share God’s Story with anyone. Donor support provides Christians near and far with access to our creative and innovative Gospel-sharing tools and resources in Web, app, print, and film formats.

It’s extremely important that we provide free access to our digital and online tools so there’s no barrier to the Gospel’s reach around the world. Your gifts make that free, online access possible! High-tech is anything but low-cost, which is why we are so grateful for friends who give so we can flood this space with the Good News. And purchases of tangible resources from our store help too by covering creation and production costs. Together, your gifts and purchases are sending the Gospel further and changing more lives.

All of our tools and resources are designed to maximize the reach of the Gospel. That’s why we recently updated the art on our Conversation Cards to mirror The Story Short Film. The fresh design and custom art draw people to the beauty of the Gospel. You can use these cards to start a conversation and keep it on track, and then leave the card as a point of reference.

Our Conversation Card is a visual aid that multiplies your Gospel impact with an overview of The Story that follows the metanarrative of the Bible.

Also, we’ve added a space to the back of the card where you can write in your account ID. When The Story is viewed from your ID, the visit gets logged into your dashboard, allowing you to track your Gospel reach. You can order these updated cards at our online store ($8.00 per pack of 20 cards).

Our tools and resources work together to help you share God’s Story. Who can you have a Gospel conversation with today?!

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