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Share the Gospel with Trick-or-Treaters


This year approximately 157 million Americans will hit the streets and visit neighbors to go trick-or-treating. Can you think of any other time of the year that neighbors will come to your door get something?

We want you to share the Gospel story with every trick-or-treater!

Here at SpreadTruth, we believe this is an incredible opportunity to share the Gospel story with children and their families. We want churches and friends to join us to give #MoreThanCandy… Share God’s story.

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Free shipping on Story Booklets (5 or more packs) and Story Bracelet Kits (any quantity).

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For those sharing the Story Booklet or Bracelet, we want you to take a picture as you give out the Gospel on Halloween by sharing a photo on social media with hashtag, #MoreThanCandy.

May many lives be eternally changed by the Gospel story!

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