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How to Have Conversations That Count

Despite the many ways we have to stay connected to others, loneliness is more common today than ever. We all long to know—and be known by—others, but we struggle to establish deep connectedness within our families, among our friends, in our small groups, at work, or with our neighbors.

Our mission at Spread Truth addresses this crisis of community by facilitating and encouraging conversations that count. Recent news affirms the need for our work. For example, in an article by Randy Newman at The Gospel Coalition, our overuse of technology is noted as a contributing factor to the disintegration of community. Newman refers to a New York Times article by Sherry Turkle (professor of Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT and author of Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age). Turkle’s research and writing point to this crisis of community. Consider this from her recent interview with Huffington Post:

“My research shows that we are too busy connecting to have the conversations that count, the kind of conversation in which we give each other our full attention, the kind where we allow an idea to develop, where we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Yet these are the kinds of conversations in which intimacy and empathy develop, collaboration grows, and creativity thrives.”

These are the conversations and relationships Christians should be known for! Rescue in Jesus frees us to be fully engaged and connected with others. But as technology and poor habits weaken our knack for conversation, not only do our relationships within the Church suffer, but we also become less likely to engage in Gospel conversations with those outside our circle. This crisis is far-reaching, indeed. We all need help growing stronger relationships with conversations that lead to increased vulnerability, intimacy, and connectedness.

Spread Truth has developed one-of-a-kind tools and solutions to combat this crisis. Through our resource Life as We Know It, community is built as people craft and share their personal life stories. Stories are shared either in a public venue through the Thousand Stories Project or in small groups using the Life as We Know It small group kit.

Addressing the crisis of community is just one aspect of Spread Truth’s mission, which is made possible through the generous gifts of our donors. Your support creates stronger communities where meaningful, life-changing relationships can flourish. But transformative community can grow only as far as donor giving allows. Together, we can nurture the sort of conversations that bring true life.

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