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You connect people to gospel hope.

People all around the world are being connected to God because of donors just like you. Your gifts transform lives by making God’s rescue in Jesus known through our missional program work—because God’s Story changes everything. Here are just a few ways that your gifts are making the gospel known and transforming lives worldwide.


You are preparing Christians to share.

Thanks to your gifts through Spread Truth, Christians are prepared to share God’s Story with anyone, anywhere.


Christians have become Gospel Ready via hands-on training at ‘nyc18


people in 2018 have watched The Story Film & said yes to Jesus, from 106 different countries


people have received gospel hope, ministry, and prayer at ‘nyc18


Christians in 2018 have become Gospel Ready via The Story Training at 4 churches

I’ve been trained through Spread Truth/attended Go Tell 2018 and now I am prepared to share the gospel with anyone. I feel excited and ready to share my faith! I’ve been investing in some friendships and starting conversations with strangers. It’s been so exciting to see God work through me to tell others about Jesus!


You are making the gospel accessible 24/7.

Your gifts through Spread Truth make 24/7 gospel access possible worldwide.


views of The Story Film in 2018


views of The Story Maker in 2018

You are transforming lives in Cuba.

Did you know your gospel impact reaches into Cuba?! Cuba is a communist-ruled country with a population of 11 million. Although the majority claim Christian faith (60% or more), many do not know the full gospel story and are eager to hear how they can be connected to God.
For the past few years now, Olive Chapel Baptist Church has taken a team to Cuba for gospel ministry and outreach. Last year’s team distributed 1,400 copies of La Historia, the Spanish translation of The Story Booklet.

One of the team members, Clifford Feather, says they like The Story’s gospel presentation because,

It tells the complete story—starting with creation, tells about the fall, and God’s solution in Jesus Christ. It tells enough for someone to make an informed decision about accepting Jesus Christ and why they need to do so.

Over three days of outreach, Clifford’s team connected 29 people to God’s rescue through Jesus! And after the team returned home, they sent another 600 booklets to one of the Cuban pastors.

Thanks to your support through Spread Truth, that's


lives changed and


gospel booklets

at work in Cuba right now.

You are reaching Malaysia with gospel hope.

Spread Truth had an exciting opportunity to be part of David Platt’s Radical / Secret Church event in April 2018. Each year at Secret Church, a different country is highlighted to inform us of the plight Christians face in countries opposed to the gospel of Jesus. This year’s focus was on Malaysia.

Watch The Story Video in Malay

Secret Church invited Spread Truth to prepare the Malay translation of The Story Film, which we were able to do thanks to friends like you who support our work! The film was released and played during the event, and we also produced a special dashboard to collect data on the viewing and reactions connected to the Malay translation of the film.

Malaysia’s 30 million people now have ongoing access to gospel hope at Your investment will allow God’s Story to be freely accessible worldwide, connecting many people to Jesus for the first time.

Because you give, Malay-speaking people around the world are hearing about God’s rescue in Jesus.


people have been reached with over 420,000 film views

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Your gifts maximize The Story’s reach, transforming lives worldwide.

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