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Internet Access in Cuba Equals Gospel Access

If you remember the Internet’s early days, you likely know about screeching dial-up connections and excruciatingly slow navigation. Compared to today’s speedy (and screech-free) Internet, those first years seem rather quaint.

But not everyone has the new-and-improved Internet that we enjoy today. Even though two years ago the United Nations deemed Internet access a human right, this right is not yet universal. Some countries face technological difficulties; others have limited freedoms due to oppressive governments. Cuba’s Internet is limited by both. Earlier this year, ABC News reported:

“It’s no surprise Cuba is considered the ‘least connected’ country in the Americas, with the Geneva-based ITU ranking the country 125th out of 166 countries worldwide in telecommunications development.”

Currently, only about 5% of Cubans have home Internet access. Most people wait in line for hours to use government-run Internet cafes that charge $5 for an hour of access, which is extremely expensive relative to average income.

The United Nations International Communications Union, however, is working to provide 50% of Cubans with home Internet access by 2020.

Widespread Internet access in Cuba would pave the way for many to hear God’s Story of hope and rescue in Jesus through our free online tools. With our Gospel Everywhere vision, Spread Truth will be already be there, ready to share of God’s rescue with Cubans. Our donors make free access to the Gospel possible in Spanish through our Web- and app-based tools and solutions.

Our Innovator team members have committed to giving at least $25 a month to make steady access to God’s Story possible. Because of their regular gifts, many in Cuba will hear the Gospel as Internet accessibility increases. It’s dependable giving that makes Gospel Everywhere a reality!

Be an Innovator in 2016!



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