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Introducing ‘The Story Maker’

It is with great excitement and joy that we announce the release of our animated gospel film for children, The Story Maker.

Through your support over the years, children around the world have heard of God’s rescue in The Story at outreach events, sports camps, and VBS programs. Reaching children with gospel hope is key, as current research found that “two out of three born again Christians (64%) made that commitment to Christ before their 18th birthday.”1

It’s crucial for children of all ages to hear the gospel as well as be equipped to share it. Your gifts are making that possible through our Children’s Outreach Initiative, which will be greatly expanded now that The Story Maker is complete. It’s an animated film that helps parents and children clearly understand and articulate the biblical framework of God’s Story.

You will reach thousands of children by fueling this ongoing outreach to children through Christians, just like you. All year long you will be hearing stories about our outreach programs that prepare Christians—both young and young-at-heart—to share God’s Story so that children hear the gospel. Our work is possible because of donors like you!

Would you consider partnering with us this year by:

  • Donating today to maximize the gospel’s reach worldwide
  • Sharing the film regularly on your social media platforms
  • Creating a free account to track your own gospel outreach
  • Praying for many people of all ages to embrace God’s rescue in Jesus

Many lives will be changed in 2018 because of your gospel investment through Spread Truth. Thanks for partnering with us!


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