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Powerful Stories from True Woman ’14

What’s your story?

That’s the question we posed to more than 8,000 women attending the True Woman ’14 conference last weekend in Indianapolis. Sharing stories builds true community, which is the foundation of our recently released resource, Life as We Know It, in which participants cover four chapters of storytelling—Beginnings, Obstacles, Hope, and Future. We wanted True Woman attendees to get just a taste of that by picking just one of the four categories to share with us at our booth.

Life as We Know It takes participants through four chapters of storytelling—Beginnings, Obstacles, Hope, and Future—to build true community.

Hundreds stopped at our booth and more than 160 women added to our story wall and offered to do an audio recording of their entry. The feedback on the concept was overwhelmingly positive, and we were honored to have so many trust us with pieces of their lives. We heard about crushing obstacles, the power of hope, impossible circumstances, and miraculous changes. Through it all, women testified to God’s faithfulness and provision.

Stories like these are exactly the kind that God uses to draw people to Himself. Our Gospel-redeemed lives produce stories of hope in unexpected places. People who do not know Jesus need to hear how God meets us through thick and thin. That’s why we created Life as We Know It. It gives an easy, conversational way to explain how God’s redemption story makes your story something beautiful.

Your story matters, because your story points to Jesus.

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