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Share God’s Rescue This Easter

Easter will bring many guests to church Sunday, March 27. Are you ready to share the hope of rescue in Jesus with them? We can help!

Our vision is that one day, everyone, everywhere will have access to the beauty of God’s Story. So we create and deploy captivating Gospel-sharing solutions and tools to multiply your Gospel reach. And just in time for Easter, we’ve given The Story Booklet a design refresh to echo The Story Short Film.

Thanks to our generous donors, now through March 22 we’re able to offer free shipping on five or more packs of The Story Booklet (English only) and ten or more packs of The Story Conversation Tool. Both of these will help you “be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15, NIV).


Here’s how you and your church can use The Story this Easter to proclaim rescue in Jesus:


1. Give every attendee The Story Booklet or The Story Conversation Card.
Look at your church’s average Easter attendance and order enough copies for everyone.
[ Free Shipping Deal ]

2. Present the Gospel using The Story Short Film.
Give a clear and captivating Gospel presentation during your Easter service with our six-minute film.
[ Download Film ]

3. Shape your Easter message or lesson around The Story.
Walk through the four chapters of God’s redemption story (Creation, Fall, Rescue, Restoration).
[ Download each section’s video for your sermon ]

4. Invite guests to complete our devotional, The Story Short Film, at YouVersion and the Bible App.
Our five-day devotional is a great way to continue the dialogue with guests who attend Easter service.
[ Start Today ]


The Story Film (English)
1080p HD Download
720p HD Download

Sections (The Story Film, English)
Creation 1080p Download
The Fall 1080p Download
Rescue 1080p Download
Restoration 1080p Download

* Feel free to download and use these videos in your services. Videos can be rebroadcast inside of a sermon audio/video podcast online. However, we ask that you wouldn’t re-post these videos stand-alone on your YouTube or Vimeo accounts. If you’d like to embed on your website, please create a free account at and use our embedding and tracking tools! Thanks!

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