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Share Unchanging Hope This Halloween

If recent happenings have confirmed one thing, it’s that people are desperate for a hope that remains unchanged in these tumultuous times. Such is the hope God offers through rescue in Christ Jesus!

Our mission at Spread Truth is to make God’s Story known to everyone, everywhere. We work by boosting the gospel reach of believers—individuals, churches, and organizations—right where they live and work. And each October, we make hope shine as partners like you share the gospel with friends and neighbors during Halloween festivities.

Here are a few ways you can share gospel hope:

1. Give #MoreThanCandy
When those cute costumed children come to your door, be ready to give them more than candy—give each one The Story Bracelet with a gospel card attached.

2. Offer #LastingHope
As the children are getting their treats, don’t forget about the adults with them! Make your house a hub for conversation and community. And be ready to share God’s Story as opportunity allows. Get copies of The Story Booklet to give away. You could also run The Story Film on continuous loop, projecting it onto your garage door or onto a hanging bed-sheet screen.

Be sure to share your outreach plan and preparation on social media. Your excitement could be the catalyst for other believers to make an outreach plan of their own! And don’t forget to take plenty of photos from your outreach—we would love to see them and to hear how it went.

Be sure Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter and Instagram so you can tag us in your social media posts. And don’t forget the hashtags!

October Outreach Hashtags: #MoreThanCandy #LastingHope #SpreadTruth

1. Ed Stetzer: “The Problem with the Harvest Is Not the Harvest.” Facts & Trends. April 11, 2014.

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