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Sharing the Gospel Isn’t a Onetime Thing

Most of us have had those onetime chance encounters with strangers that result in great conversations about things of faith. Whether we are running errands or traveling about, such Gospel conversation occur with people we are not likely to see again.

Ministering to strangers is biblical. Jesus did it, and the church is called to do it too. However, our call to share the Gospel in word and deed happens most in our day-to-day interactions with the people we see the most and know the best. This means that making the Gospel known is not just a onetime thing.

Sometimes Gospel conversations are onetime encounters. But most of the time, Gospel conversations are ongoing, carried on in the midst of relationships where you can cultivate the deposits of truth you’ve planted over the long haul.

This is reflective of our God, who is deeply relational. He pursues relationships with lost people, drawing their hearts to Himself by His great love and mercy. We are to follow His lead, pursuing relationships with lost people and loving them as Jesus loves us. You have a network of people God has place you in for this very reason! This means that sharing the entire Gospel with a neighbor will take months, even years. But through this ongoing process, we build up trust and relationships that create a safe place for our neighbors to experience God.

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