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Smartphone Use in Africa Opens Doors for God’s Story

It’s not new news that technology is changing the landscape of our world. But it is exciting to think how this growth in technology has great potential for changing the spiritual landscape as well. As access to tech increases around the world, it also increases the ease and means by which we can share the Gospel. Take, for example, a recent Pew Research Center report detailing mobile phone usage in Africa:

“Roughly a third of South Africans (34%) and about a quarter of Nigerians (27%) say that their device is a smartphone, i.e. one that can access the internet and apps, such as an iPhone, Blackberry or Android device. . . . By comparison, 64% in the United States owned a smartphone as of December 2014.”

Smartphones give Africans access to the Internet and apps—the very space Spread Truth is filling with free Gospel-sharing tools and solutions. We are maximizing the reach of the Gospel by making God’s Story accessible online for free to anyone, anywhere—even to people in countries lacking other modern amenities.

This month alone, 42% of the interaction we’ve seen with God’s Story has been via mobile device (phone or tablet). We expect mobile device access to outpace desktop access in the years to come.

It is our joy to make the Gospel known via technology at no cost to the user, but doing so isn’t free. Technology is a hefty investment, but its return for the Gospel is greater still! Since the Gospel can only reach as far as donor funding allows, we are so grateful for your gifts. Your giving allows us to get the Gospel everywhere in the most creative and innovative ways. Thank you for being on mission with us!

Image: AMISOM Public Information, Flickr

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