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Spread Truth Expands to Africa!

Gospel Hope Abounds in Africa!

It is with great excitement that we announce Spread Truth is expanding to Kenya!

Kenya’s diverse population is over 51.7 million people.  In this ever changing and growing country, over 3/4 of the population is under the age of 30.  The median age is only 19 years old.  In Nairobi alone, there are over 2.5 million slum dwellers. Unfortunately, Kenya finds itself on the Open Doors Watch List for persecution against christians.

But God has opened some incredible doors for Spread Truth in Nairobi, Kenya, and many lives have already been transformed by the gospel in the past few months alone!

In November 2018, we hosted a major outreach that included churches and various ministries and was even supported by the local government. Many youth and college students heard God’s Story through sports programming and evangelism events. The outreach culminated with a large gathering of nearly 2,000 who were presented with the gospel.  Throughout the events of the week, over 600 people received Christ as their Savior.

Professor Margaret Kobia

“We feel that sometimes our youth can be misled to start participating in areas of terrorism and radicalization, and for that reason we feel the intervention by Spread Truth is very critical for Kenya.

Therefore I appeal to Spread Truth to come back to Kenya and do another Megafest where we can team up with the government and the church to influence the youth, to be able to develop their talents in sports or even be able to know Christ in a special way.”

Professor Margaret Kobia, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Public Service


The success of this outreach compelled our team to replicate the event just a few weeks later! God’s Story was presented in similar fashion in several villages just a few hours from Nairobi.

Both of these outreaches affirm God’s move in this area of the world and the power of The Story and The Story Maker to draw people to Jesus’ rescue.




God has clearly opened wide the doors for ministry in Kenya. With this amazing work unfolding, we have added three Spread Truth team members in Nairobi. Their work will begin in the summer of 2019!


We are following God’s lead to make His Story of rescue known throughout Africa. To multiply the reach of God’s Story in 2019, we will host more outreach events like the ones held in 2018.  Our local team will be able to:

  • execute our proven evangelism training through area churches
  • develop outreach for the primary, secondary, and university levels
  • host street and neighborhood evangelism events
  • provide food distribution through our partnership with Midwest Food Bank–East Africa Division


We’d Like You to Meet Our Team in Kenya

We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest team members. Together, we will make God’s Story known throughout Africa!


Hamisi Kirenga is the current youth & mission pastor at Ridgeways Baptist Church and has been there for 18 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in arts and religion from Wayland Baptist University and an advanced diploma in theology from Kenya Baptist Theological College. He was born into a Muslim family but received Christ at the age of 14; he’s now married with three children.






Gloria Kimani is a lawyer by profession. She has previously worked at the Judiciary at the High Court of Kenya. She gave her life to Christ at an early age and is now passionate about mentoring ex-candidates who are transitioning from high school to campus.








Keneth Brian Odipo is currently serving as an ordained deacon in his home church. He holds an advanced diploma in information technology and has been in the ICT industry for the past 13 years. Ken has a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and has served Him for 16 years. He is married with two children.








Will you partner with us to send gospel hope to people in Africa? 

Your donations will fund:

  • a van, generator and inflatable 50 foot projection screen to show The Story Film in remote villages
  • printed ministry materials
  • ministry and outreach events
  • administrative costs for staff and office


Give online:

Give by mail:  Spread Truth, 306 North Main Street, Bloomington, IL 61701 (checks payable to Spread Truth)


We can’t wait to watch how God is moving in Africa! Won’t you join us on the journey?


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