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Strategic Partnership with Trans World Radio

We’ve invested much over the years to create a library of groundbreaking Gospel-sharing resources in print, Web, film, and app formats. Our vision wasn’t just to create them, however, but to deploy them through individuals, churches, and organizations so that people around the world might hear God’s Story and find rescue in Jesus. To make our library of tools accessible and understandable—and free of charge to users—is no small task. We have been praying for the funds, the team, and the translation experts to make this part of Gospel Everywhere a reality.

This is why we are extremely excited about a new strategic collaboration with Trans World Radio that will push our translation efforts forward and extend the reach of Gospel via TWR’s outlets.

Trans World Radio has a global media outreach that engages millions of people in more than 160 countries with biblical truth through high-powered radio, emerging digital platforms, and face-to-face interactions. Earlier this summer, we met with TWR and entered a strategic partnership that will greatly expand the reach of the Gospel. We will contract with TWR’s expert translation teams to get our resources into multiple languages, and TWR will use The Story on its site,

Spread Truth and The Story are now featured at TWR360, a one-stop location housing Trans World Radio’s extensive and ever-growing catalog of digital audio content, along with material from churches and other ministries around the world.

Our first push with TWR will be translations of The Story Short Film video script. Six languages are in the works for 2015: Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Swahili, and Korean. These have the potential of reaching 1 billion Internet users with the Gospel. One to two dozen additional languages are scheduled for 2016.

We are extremely excited about making The Story Short Film available for free in the heart languages of so many! But doing so is anything but free. In addition to the script translations from TWR’s teams, there is great cost involved in recording the new voiceovers, editing the score and scenes to fit each language, programming, and deployment.

Would you pray for God to raise up donors for this work? We depend upon donations to expand the reach of the Gospel around the world. Together, we can make the Gospel available to everyone, everywhere, all around the world!

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