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The Good News and Great Joy of Christmas

We are grateful for the way you have partnered with us to make God’s Story known around the world.

Because of you, people are hearing about rescue in Jesus, which is “the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Rom. 1:16, ESV).

When you give, the Gospel is powerfully proclaimed and lives are forever changed. Your gifts allow free 24/7 app- and Web-access to our digital Gospel-sharing tools. That access made it possible for new ministry friend Eric to share God’s Story via e-mail with everyone he knew, including a military friend stationed in Kuwait, Iraq. The very day Eric’s e-mail arrived, this serviceman had decided suicide was the only solution to the grief and discouragement weighing him down. As he watched The Story Short Film, the beauty and hope of rescue in Christ swept over him, and he yielded his life to God.

Because of YOU, this man heard the Good News, and God saved his life, physically and spiritually. This is the life-changing power of God’s Story, made possible because of friends like you. Thank you!

This Christmas, we invite you to partner with us to give the Good News that gives great joy. Your gift today means that more people who are desperate for hope will hear the Good News that gives great joy. As always, your gifts through Spread Truth are tax deductible. To have your gift count toward 2015 giving:

  • give online by midnight, December 31, 2015
  • checks must be postmarked December 31, 2015

However you give, please know how excited we are to have you partnering with us. We look forward to expanding the reach of Gospel in 2016!

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