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The Good News Is the Best News

Feel-good news is way too rare, isn’t it? There is much to lament in the world today, whether it’s a jolting report from halfway around the world or an ache that springs from our own hearts.

The Gospel is the Good News that we all need to hear, reminding us of the sure hope of Jesus that doesn’t shake—even when our world does. At Spread Truth, our aim is to share the Good News in the world’s top languages using the most creative and innovative means. This year, we are pursuing several ambitious initiatives to make Gospel resources and tools available via download for free.

Imagine Christians around the world having free access to captivating Gospel apps so they can share God’s story wherever they are, in the local language. Imagine Christians who are equipped and confident to share God’s story because they have access to innovative training and tools. Imagine the Gospel reaching the world—from right here in the United States to every nation on earth. This is Gospel Everywhere, our vision for sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Earlier this month, we launched our Innovators team, an all-new way to partner with Spread Truth make Gospel Everywhere a reality. Watch the team video to see how Innovators can make a difference through Spread Truth:

Innovators commit to a monthly partnership, enabling us to confidently move forward in our 2015 projects. Many exciting things are on the horizon! God continues to use The Story to reach the world, with almost 900,000 online views reaching people in 182 of 196 countries around the world. We anticipate those numbers to explode considering the projects currently in the works. Josh Jeffrey, chief creative officer for Spread Truth, explains:

“With the explosion of mobile device availability around the world, even in third-world countries, we have an incredible opportunity to reach people. We are making the Gospel story available in booklet and animation form in local languages, to read or watch, for free. It is an incredible tool for sharing God’s story everywhere via social media, anywhere via smart phone or tablet. It will be accessible in coffee shops, in parks, in villages, in cities.”

We are extremely excited about Gospel Everywhere. But we can’t do it alone. The Great Commission was for us all. Your partnership as an Innovator will help us stay on mission, equipping Christians to share God’s story—lovingly, confidently—wherever they are.

The world is in desperate need for some good news—let’s give them the best news, the Good News of God’s redemption found in Jesus. Together, we can make Gospel Everywhere a reality.

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