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Tracking Your Worldwide Gospel Reach

Despite the great privilege we have in sharing God’s Story with others, doing so consistently is not easy. Life is full and our cares crowd out even our best intentions.

What if we had Gospel tools and resources we couldn’t wait to use? And what if we were able to team up with our friends so that together, we could intentionally reach our neighbors, coworkers, and friends?

This is the crux of our Gospel Everywhere vision—making God’s Story known to everyone, everywhere. Our one-of-a-kind, group-based Gospel-sharing resources are beautifully designed and crafted to tell the fullness of God’s redemption Story. With access to these tools, it is easier for you to stay on mission. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create Your Account at

Think of your account as your personal mission-control center. Create an account, and then, every time you share the Gospel—with The Story app or the Web link—it is recorded on your dashboard. Learn more:

Step 2: Create a Group & Invite Others

Once you have an account, you can create a Group and invite your friends. Your Group’s dashboard will combine each member’s sharing stats to show collective impact. Learn more:

Step 3: Make Gospel Everywhere Your Everyday Mission

People need to hear the beautiful Story of rescue in Jesus. Our tools and solutions make it easier for you to share the Good News wherever you go. And it’s only because of our generous donors that these are accessible to you for free. Please be on mission with us by giving a gift today to make Gospel Everywhere a reality!

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