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World with Gospel Hope

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected, which is opening the way for gospel hope to be multiplied through technology. Even people in emerging and developing countries have ready access to the internet, often via a smartphone.



Our 2019 program has been designed for maximum worldwide gospel reach via our digital platform and high-impact partnerships.

Our digital platform is freely accessible via the internet, making God’s Story available to anyone with internet access. God’s Story can be viewed via film or read via digital booklet in 20 languages and counting.

We are currently partnering with the following ministries:

  • Arab World Outreach
  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Outreach
  • Midwest Food Bank
  • Radical/Secret Church
  • Renew World Outreach

In addition to giving free access to the gospel, we also partner with ministries around the world to amplify the gospel’s reach using their established connections.

Impact Report: Reaching Malaysia

In April 2018, your gifts made gospel hope accessible to Malay speakers worldwide via our partnership with David Platt’s Radical / Secret Church event. Your support produced the Malay translation of The Story Film, which was viewed 100K times during the event. Views and shares are growing daily, with current stats at approximately 425K views.

Read More about our partnership with Radical/Secret Church!

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We desire God’s rescue in Jesus to be known in every nation, tribe, people, and tongue. It is estimated that 2.9 billion people have never heard the gospel. Through our digital platforms, our donors make ready gospel access possible to anyone with internet access.

See Our Digital Platforms!

Digital Platforms



16,804 people groups around the world >> 7,290 are considered unreached >> which means 43% of the world doesn’t have ready gospel access


  1. 361 unreached people groups live here (Source)
  2. 47 million international migrants >> 14% of the U.S. population (Source)
  3. Our desire is to reach as people around the world as possible for the greatest possible gospel impact. Your partnership makes it possible for more people to have access to the beauty of God’s rescue in Jesus! (Source)
The Story The Story Maker


in Every Language

Part of effective gospel outreach is making it possible for God’s Story to reach the deepest part of a person’s heart and soul. That’s why it’s crucial for people to hear the gospel in their own language, using culturally relevant words and phrases.

  • 7.4 billion people on earth (Source)
  • 7,102 languages spoken worldwide (Source)
  • The Story is available in 20 languages which can reach 62% of the world
  • The Story Maker is available in 2 languages so far, reaching 916M
  • Currently, we can reach 4.7 billion people with the God’s Story.

Our desire is to have God’s Story translated into as many of the world’s languages as possible for the greatest possible gospel impact. Your partnership makes it possible for more people to understand the beauty of God’s rescue in Jesus!


Your gifts maximize The Story’s reach, transforming lives worldwide.

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