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Your Gospel Reach Goes to Cuba

Did you know your gospel impact reaches into Cuba?! Cuba is a communist-ruled country with a population of 11 million. Although the majority claim Christian faith (60% or more), many do not know the full gospel story and are eager to hear how they can be connected to God.

For the past few years now, Olive Chapel Baptist Church has taken a team to Cuba for gospel ministry and outreach. Last year’s team distributed 1,400 copies of La Historia, the Spanish translation of The Story Booklet.

One of the team members, Clifford Feather, says they like The Story’s gospel presentation because,

“It tells the complete story—starting with creation, tells about the fall, and God’s solution in Jesus Christ. It tells enough for someone to make an informed decision about accepting Jesus Christ and why they need to do so.”

Over three days of outreach, Clifford’s team connected 29 people to God’s rescue through Jesus! And after the team returned home, they sent another 600 booklets to one of the Cuban pastors.

Because of your support through Spread Truth, that’s 29 lives changed and 2,000 gospel booklets at work in Cuba right now!

Thanks for partnering with us so people in Cuba and all around the world can hear the beauty of God’s Story of rescue in Jesus.

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