Advancing the gospel to make Jesus known

The Story

Discipleship and evangelism tools pointing to the plotline of God’s story from Creation to Restoration.

Is There More to Life

Evangelism tools to help you ask and answer the important question, “Is there more to life?”

Life As We Know It

Discussion tool to build community and share life through personal stories and testimonies.

Resources Overview

The vision behind our resources


We’re committed to faithfully sharing the truth of God revealed by God to the glory of God.


God established local churches to carry His message to the world. Our desire is to serve the Church.


Everyone has a story. Stories are powerful tools to help us convey truth and echo God’s greater Story.


Ultimately everything Spread Truth does is to help others share and proclaim God’s story.


All Christians are missionaries. Our hope is to make resources to serve the mission of the Church.


The power behind our resources is the message we share: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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