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The Story Booklet

20 Pack | English

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We know most Christians want to share their faith, but don’t know how to do that in an easy, natural way.

The Story is a 12-page, visually engaging narrative that explains the Bible’s major plotline of Creation, the Fall, Rescue, and Restoration. This booklet (4.5″ wide by 5.5″ tall) was written with a non-Christian audience in mind to explain the gospel. The booklet’s conversation guide on the back panel can be used as a helpful means of engaging someone in conversation to explain the gospel through the biblical metanarrative by asking 4 major worldview questions, How did it all begin? What’s gone wrong? Is there any hope? What does the future hold?

These booklets are an easy item to leave behind for a waiter, or hotel staff, or can be used in an easy conversation with a coworker or friend.

Same great content as our previous booklet, but with images that reflect everyday life.

We know you’ll love it!


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11 reviews for The Story Booklet

  1. Lori (verified owner)

    We love the new look and design of The Story booklet. We’ve used The Story for years at our Guest Services desk. Our volunteers use this as a tool to present the Gospel to our visitors.

  2. Denise McQuinn (verified owner)

    I love the contents and I’m looking forward to sharing this with lots of people. Thanks

  3. Don Evans (verified owner)

    New look to the Story is awesome. Provides those who do not yet know Christ – why the need Him in their heart. Yet not too long to lose interest. Highly recommend.

  4. Shannon Adams (verified owner)

    Although I very much like the statement “All of your sin, past & future, is forgiven, & you now find total acceptance before him.”, and “He loves you with an everlasting, unchanging love.” on the assurance page, I believe there could me more clarity on the “Promise Kept” page about substitution. Jesus sinless life in the story is actually credited to me as if I myself had lived it. This truth plays an enormous part in relieving a sinner’s guilt. If you’re going to mention Jesus’ death in our place, you may as well mention that he died the death penalty we deserve and since we died with him, we also rose from the dead with him where we are now seated with him in heaven. (Eph. 2:4-7) Union with the Hero of the story is one of the main ways we can gain greater victory over sin in our mortal bodies. (Rom. 6) This would be crucial for the story reader who might be desperate to know how he can have any hope of conquering a life crippling addiction. Identity in Christ is huge, especially considering he’s the Hero we all really want to be like at some level. I also think more clarity is needed on the “Rescue by Faith Alone” page regarding salvation by grace through faith. More emphasis is needed on not being able to save yourself with good behavior, performance or keeping laws. That could be more explicit. The Hero did all that was necessary for our salvation . Faith as well as the power to love God and his ways are both blood-bought gifts from the Hero. It’s almost as if whoever wrote this page is afraid to come out and state that you cannot earn your way to heaven with good behavior or performance. Finally, thank you for the generous Buy one, get one offer for these tracts.

  5. Courtney Powell (verified owner)

    Our church is using The Story booklet to share with Guests that visit our church on Sunday mornings and share during worship counseling after the service. This booklet is a wonderful way to share the gospel.

  6. Jim Sledge (verified owner)

    I can’t wait spread the truth of the simple Gospel in my community, neighborhood, region, and wherever my feet are. Let’s start sowing seeds for His Kingdom!

  7. Janet Rabon (verified owner)

    I have ordered these in the past and gave them all out I think they are the best tract I have ever used!

  8. Debbie Stamps (verified owner)

    These are the best I’ve seen, in my opinion. They tell the story of redemption in more detail than most, but in a friendly and easy-to-read format. They also use language to help us all see ourselves in that story.

  9. Rebecca Sanders (verified owner)

    I’m excited to use these at our Pregnancy Resource Center if clients express an interest in a spiritual conversation. They’re beautiful and compel you to read them.

  10. Rick (verified owner)

    This is a great little booklet. My church has been making these available for a couple of years now and they have always gotten good responses. It’s an easy read and the information is easily digestible.

  11. DeLaine Lanman (verified owner)

    We use The Story booklet in our New Believers packet to solidify the decision a person has made. The message is clear and the physical look of the booklet is quality. We highly recommend The Story booklet.

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