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International Day of Zero Tolerance For FGM


A girl from Kenya who wishes for the end of FGM

International Day of Zero Tolerance For FGM

When Spread Truth launched our new team and ministry in Nairobi, Kenya, in May of 2019, we had no idea where the Lord would lead us. We have been both surprised and humbled to be called upon to minister and provide in many different areas. Just as Esther was placed within the royal palace “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:13-14), we too believe we have been given opportunities and resources to optimize for His kingdom purposes. As God has opened doors, we have walked through; we don’t want to miss a kingdom assignment!

As our team in Kenya has been sharing the Gospel, we have become more aware of a particular cultural tradition among many rural tribes that dates back hundreds of years. It is deeply entrenched in their culture as a requirement or rite of passage for girls: female genital mutilation.

Known colloquially as FGM, over 140 million young girls—some as young as five and six years old—have undergone some form of it all over Africa today. This practice involves cutting away and/or sewing the female genitalia. In Africa, it is referred to as “the cut” or “circumcision.”

FGM is a cultural practice, rooted in inequality and discrimination against women and girls in a misguided attempt to curb sexuality and increase marriageability due to a subsequent “purity.”

It is often a precursor to marriage (child-brides), and once married off, their education ends. The unfortunate outcome physically is a lifetime of health risks, pregnancy complications, anemia, and more. Spiritually, their needs are much greater.

We joined the United Nations in observing International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation on February 6th.

The Kenyan government is seeking to end FGM by 2022—a tall order as 50% of Kenya’s women have experienced this cultural norm.

But you can help end this destructive practice. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more about our ministry and what God is doing right now in Kenya. These precious girls are made in the image of God – they are beautiful and worthy.

Let’s join together to end this injustice.



Click to learn more from the UN about what FGM is and why it needs to end. 

Click to learn more about what we are doing in Kenya.


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