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Sing! 2023 Conference Highlights

We’re thrilled to share our experience at the recently concluded Sing! 2023 Conference—a celebration of faith and music in the Christian community.

Sing! 2023 Crowd

Sponsorship and Engagement

In line with our gospel-spreading mission, we proudly sponsored the speaker green room at Sing! 2023. It provided a unique chance to connect with influential Christian voices. Our entire team attended, making our participation special.

Spread Truth Staff and Spread Truth booth table

Promoting Engaging the Public Square with a Better Story

Beyond sponsorship, we ran a program ad to introduce our upcoming digital course, “Engaging the Public Square with a Better Story.” This comprehensive course equips individuals with effective faith-sharing tools. The event allowed us to reach new friends and grow these connections.

EPS Course Mockup

Inspiring Interviews with 10 Speakers

One of the highlights of our Sing! 2023 experience was conducting interviews with ten dynamic speakers. Their profound insights and wisdom will play a pivotal role in enriching the course’s content. These invaluable perspectives will provide learners with a deeper understanding of faith sharing. We express our gratitude for their valuable contributions and eagerly anticipate sharing their insights.

Spread Truth Interviews

A Heartfelt Thank You

Our gratitude extends to Sing! Conference coordinators for allowing us to participate. Furthermore, engaging with fellow believers and music enthusiasts who share our passion for spreading the gospel was an honor.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

Stay tuned for further updates and details about “Engaging the Public Square with a Better Story.” We anticipate its profound impact on individuals seeking to confidently share their faith.

EPS Ipad Mockup

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Thank you for joining us on our journey to prepare Christians for confident gospel sharing. Stay connected for more updates and inspiring stories from Spread Truth.

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