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Resource Sample Pack

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This Resource Sample Kin is designed to give you a glimpse into our main gospel-sharing resources. Whether engaging in one-on-one conversations, leading a small group, or participating in evangelistic outreach, these materials are tailored to help you articulate the gospel with clarity and confidence! 

How to Use:

Each resource in this pack serves a unique purpose in facilitating gospel conversations. From handy conversation cards to comprehensive training guides, these materials are designed to meet you wherever you are in your journey of sharing your faith. Whether you’re a seasoned evangelist or just beginning, these resources offer practical support and encouragement. In this Welcome Kit, you can try out each of our resources and see which will work best for your unique needs!

List of Resources Included in the Welcome Kit:

  • 20 Pack – The Story Booklet: this is a 12-page, visually engaging narrative that explains the Bible’s major plotline of Creation, the Fall, Rescue, and Restoration. It targets a non-Christian audience to explain the gospel.
  • 20 Pack – The Story Conversation Card: designed for you to share a shorter, more concise overview of The Story, using it as a visual aid or guide through the basics of the metanarrative of the Bible.
  • 1 book – The Story Maker Training Guide: A comprehensive resource to train others in sharing their faith through storytelling.
  • 1 Book – The Story Training Guide (with Leader Notes): A companion to the Story Maker Training Guide, the version with leader notes equips you to lead a group training on using the framework of The Story. 
  • The Story Bracelet Kit: A creative tool for sharing the gospel message visually using 4 colors of beads. 
  • 20 pack – The Story Maker Booklet: Sharing the message of Creation, Fall, Rescue, and Restoration for kids.
  • 20 pack – Man On The Middle Cross Booklet: An unstapled fold-out booklet about how ANYONE can come to Jesus—and the real story of one thief who did, right at the end of his life.
  • 20 pack – Man on the Middle Cross Outreach Cards: Convenient wallet-sized cards with details about the Man on the Middle Cross short film and website.
  • Life as We Know It – My Story Booklet and Host Guide: Resources for hosting a small group to teach people how to tell their story and build authentic relationships.
  • 5 pack – I’m a Christian! So what happens next? –  a discipleship booklet designed to guide new believers on their journey of faith. This guide goes through 4 key steps to helping new believers build a strong foundation for their faith

Get Started:

We’re excited to partner with you in sharing the gospel! Dive into these resources, explore their potential, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback!

Email us with your questions at [email protected]!

Special Offer:

Note on pricing: If you were to purchase all of these items separately, the total cost would be $105, but just for this bundle, you can get all these resources for just $50 shipped!


Check out The Story Booklet
Check out The Man on the Middle Cross Booklet
Check out The Story Bracelet Pack

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